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It is in the details that beauty is hidden


The Luxia 375 is a statement of elegance and versatility. Designed for prolonged sailing and for experiencing the sea even at night. The presence of the standard Hard Top lends a modern and practical touch, offering an unprecedented boating experience.
Rigorous painting, choice of fine fabrics and exclusive interiors embellished with Ermenegildo Wilson’s artistic works create a unique environment. The Luxia 375 is an invitation to discover the sea in a new way, experiencing every moment with unmistakable style.


The distribution of the Luxia 375 yacht ensures ample volume on board, both in the cockpit outside and in the cabin. The hull has a generous volume while maintaining streamlined water lines. The low beam and center of gravity contribute to a very stable stance, thanks in part to the gyro stabilization system. The V-shape of the hull grows gradually-from stern to bow-and the result is less exposure to the forces exerted by sea currents and wind, benefiting course stability.


The HardTop of the Luxia 375 is the crowning glory of a design that combines elegance and functionality, transforming the concept of a hard top. Imposing and refined, it is made of high-quality materials such as fiberglass and other rigid and metallic materials.
This sturdy roof is not only an aesthetic element, but also translates into a number of tangible benefits. Its solidity provides the perfect base for installing heavy accessories such as antennas and lights, adding a touch of functionality without compromising style. The choice of premium materials not only provides outstanding aesthetics, but also ensures strength and durability, enhancing the sailing experience aboard the Luxia 375.


Benches located at the stern of the boat have the potential to be used in a variety of situations:

Closed with high table; for eating meals in total comfort

Open, so that material can be stowed away; a useful space for storing items neatly

Fully open at the bow to allow access to the engine room

Closed with the coffee table down and opening the cushions for sunbathing use


Luxia 375 has the option of installing Mercury V8 and V10 Verado outboard engines, which generate refined power that minimizes noise and vibration ensuring an unsurpassed sailing experience that delights the senses without overwhelming them. Another feature of these engines is low weight and low fuel consumption, while maintaining exhilarating speed and acceleration, developing incredible power.


Luxia Yacht allows the inclusion of two types of platforms on the transom: fixed or movable.
The fixed platform has a structure with the dimensions of 1.3 meters, with a built-in central ladder for descending and ascending into the water. Its size and structural omega system allow three people to stand on it simultaneously.


Behind the control seats a kitchen cabinet can be set up, with a fiberglass frame and a wooden interior structure that houses an 85-liter refrigerator, an icemaker, drawers for dishes and garbage collection, a sink, a prep board, and a glass-ceramic cooktop. The cover is made of heat-resistant material and suitable for outdoor use.


Compared to other yachts, the 375 has a bow cushioning of the maximum width for the boat’s square footage. It can be made with two different fabrics and padding and is perfect for enjoying the rocking of the waves and the sun during a break or the wind while sailing.


Flooring Wood of undisputed beauty, extremely resistant to water and immune to insect attack: Teak. It provides maximum comfort in all conditions and times of the year and complies with European Timber Regulation and FSC® certification.
Instrumentation To fulfill the need for interaction between all the electronic devices on the boat, we chose to rely on Garmin.
Audio system Connect your smartphone to the highest quality Garmin Fusion audio system via AirPlay® technology.
Anchorage Lewmar’s chrome-plated stainless steel winch prevents inadvertent release of the 10 kg Delta anchor. In fact, the Delta is the anchor with the best grip relative to weight and is guaranteed for life against breakage.

Standard equipment

  • Boat with windows and windshields
  • Electrical system prepared for all options
  • Outdoor kitchen cabinet
  • Interior and exterior lighting + switches
  • Battalion
  • Indoor furniture and outdoor kitchen
  • Hard Top
  • 2 electric legs for stern table
  • 1 electric leg for table below deck
  • 2 Wooden tables
  • Delta DTX anchor, 25 mt stainless chain and windlass, 30 mt rope
  • 4 Bilge pumps + autoclave
  • Straight teak
  • 2 sink tops + sinks in crion and Lux faucets
  • Bathroom accessories and faucets
  • Stern benches with table and 2 gas pistons
  • Indoor fridge 49 liters
  • External refrigerator 85 liters
  • External ice maker
  • 6 Bitte length 240 Ghost type
  • 4 Fender holder push-button bollards
  • 8 AGM Service Batteries 12v 100A and 2 Starter Batteries 12v 100A
  • Garmin Base 1×16 inch
  • 2 Aras Elegance Tonino Seats


  • 2 Mercury 300hp engines
  • 2 Mercury 350hp Engines with Joystick
  • 2 Mercury 280hp engines with inboard-outboard joystick
  • 2 Yanmar 370hp engines with inboard-outboard joystick

Motor installation

  • Outboard motor installation
  • Inboard engine installation


Cushions and fabrics

  • Spradling Linetex Cushioning
  • Batyline Cushioning

Electronic instrumentation and monitors

  • Garmin Base 2×16 inch
  • Garmin Full 2×19 inch FULL

Hull finish deck and hard top (with and without)

  • Gelcoat
  • Two-tone two-coat painting


  • Bow Thruster


  • Seakeeper 2.0

Supplementary power supply

  • 6KW Generator

Stern platform

  • Fixed swim platform for outboard
  • Fixed platform 1.35 mt
  • Movable platform


  • Awning with carbon poles + canvas
  • Automatic electric awning (only with Hard Top)


  • 1 Induction cooktop
  • 2 Induction cooktops
  • 1 Gas Hob
  • 2 Gas Hobs
  • 1 Electric Hob + 1 electric hot plate outside


  • Gasoline/diesel tank 800 liters
  • 450-liter whitewater tank
  • 50-liter gray water tank
  • 100-liter black water tank

Size and weight

Total length
Hull length
Length at waterline
Fishing without appendages
Light displacement
7,000 kg / 15,432 lbs
Full load displacement
8,500 kg / 18,739 lbs

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