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The Luxia interior consists of a kitchen, a dinette area with a table that can be converted into a double bed, a guest room, and a bathroom and shower room with separate entrances.
The finish of the bulkheads is made of premium material from the Italian company Cleaf, known for high-quality elements and creating inspiring spaces. The interior floor can be made of wood, have a concrete or stone effect. Ceilings are divided into painted parts and panels covered in fabric or natural leather. The windows are arranged over the entire bow area and are large and complete with sun shades. In the kitchen, bathroom, shower and guest room, there is the possibility of integrating an opening for proper air recirculation. Luxia yachts are equipped with air conditioning. Air conditioning can be managed both below deck and externally with the built-in Garmin device. The sound system is independent of the external sound system and allows different songs to be heard without interference.


The Dinette area is a perfect example of how space can be optimized and made luxurious in a compact environment. This zone is designed to maximize efficiency and comfort. In fact, it has six seats, with as many storage compartments. Windows in the hull all around the area make it bright and scenic, with the ability to limit daylight and provide privacy with perimeter curtains. On either side of the seat are two speakers to infuse music throughout the space, and on the bulkhead is a 28-inch TV connected to the internal network system. The dinette area table can be folded down to make room for a comfortable double bed.


The indoor kitchen enjoys a panoramic hull window. The cabinet is fully integrated with the Silestone countertop (composed of premium minerals and recycled materials) and the entry bulkhead. The sink is built into the countertop and has a designer mixer with a hand shower release system. The kitchen has a black two-burner induction cook top, flush with the countertop. There is a 49-liter built-in refrigerator, a professional microwave oven from Smeg located under the induction plate, and no less than six drawers for storage.


The interiors of Luxia yachts are upholstered in Batyline fabrics-an icon in the furniture market. Thanks to Smart Yarn technology-a company-exclusive patent-it provides high resistance to water, UV rays and extreme conditions. Stamskin waterproof drapes are perfect for interior nautical upholstery projects, thanks to the scratch-resistant properties, fine weave, wide color range and longevity they provide for seating upholstery.


The bedroom has a separate access with the wall door to the left of the descent below deck. The walls are covered with foil from the Cleaf company, while the panels are unique. Luxia’s collaboration with artist Ermenegildo Nilson led to the creation of an extraordinary work that dominates the front panel of the bedroom. To top it off, the room has two opening windows that promote air recirculation, a bedside table, storage space and two shelves with object fixings, as well as a comfortable full-size bed.

and shower

The bathroom and shower room have two separate entrances so as to allow more privacy and are equipped with all possible amenities. The room is well lit thanks to the two opening windows and lights on the ceiling and one above the sink on the side.
The sink and faucet are designer with Krion and Dekton countertops. The doors and partition are glass with curtains for the bathroom and blackout blind for the shower. The cabinet has ideal storage space for storing everything needed for personal hygiene. The bathroom walls are covered with Cleaf sheets and the panels are covered with fabric and leather.

all the emotions we want you to experience

To board the Luxia 375 is to immerse yourself in perfection. With nearly ten meters of pure luxury, this yacht embodies uncompromising style designed for those who seek exceptionalism in every detail.

To board the Luxia Monaco is to immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience. With nearly ten meters of pure sophistication, this yacht embodies perfection in one aesthetic configuration.

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