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Our Luxia 375 is a yacht that not only represents the pinnacle of our engineering and design, but also sets a new standard in the luxury sailing experience.

The Luxia 375 is a ten-meter that embodies style and functionality, designed for those who seek exclusivity in every detail. This boat is a true statement of elegance, equipped with a standard hard top that adds a modern and practical touch to boating, providing optimal protection from the elements without sacrificing design.

Inside, the attention to detail is palpable. The selection of fine fabrics helps to create a welcoming environment, and Ermenegildo Wilson’s artwork adds a unique and intense touch to any space.

The Luxia 375 is an invitation to experience the sea in a whole new way, with prolonged and enjoyable sailing, thanks in part to a diesel tank that provides an impressive range of more than 300 nautical miles at maximum speed.

From a technical point of view, the Luxia 375 leaves nothing to chance. Its structure includes a V-shaped hull design that improves course stability and reduces wave impact, ensuring smooth and pleasant sailing. In addition, the aft platform, which is available in both fixed and movable versions, provides a unique connection to the sea, allowing easy access to the water and expanding the walking space.

The exterior design of the Luxia 375 is distinguished by the integrated hard top, made of fiberglass, which not only protects but adds unquestionable aesthetic value. This element, along with the choice of teak from certified forests for the exterior flooring, demonstrates our commitment to combining luxury and sustainability.

As for onboard entertainment, the Garmin Fusion audio system ensures exceptional sound quality, perfect for enjoying music while sailing. The outdoor kitchen, complete with modern appliances and durable materials, makes every trip an opportunity to share delicious meals in an elegant setting.

Every aspect of the Luxia 375 is designed to enhance the sailing experience, from the comfort of the interior to the functionality of the outdoor spaces. Our new vessel is poised to define the future of maritime luxury, offering sea lovers an unprecedented experience.

Learn more about the Luxia 375 and get ready to set sail to unforgettable horizons by visiting our new website. Join us for a journey that redefines luxury, technology and connection to the sea.