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With nearly ten meters of pure elegance, the Luxia Monaco is a symbol of refinement and exceptional performance, designed for those who settle for nothing less than perfection.

The Luxia Monaco, ideal both as a day yacht and as a tender for larger vessels, is distinguished by its meticulous attention to detail. Rigorous painting and fine fabrics create an exclusive interior environment, further enhanced by Ermenegildo Wilson’s artwork, which adds a unique artistic touch.

On board the Luxia Monaco, comfort blends with functionality. Two kitchen cabinets integrated into the helm area provide convenience and allow owners to customize the space to suit their lifestyle. Steps lead to a versatile bow area, which can be configured with Luxia Signature luxurious cushioning or completely in teak, offering unparalleled freedom.

Technologically advanced, the Monaco is equipped with a gyro stabilization system that ensures stable and comfortable navigation. With an 800-liter diesel tank, it offers an impressive range, allowing extended trips at speeds that can exceed 30 knots.

The aft platform, available in both fixed and movable versions, expands outdoor living space , making every moment on board a purely pleasurable experience. This space is ideal for enjoying the sun or diving into the crystal clear waters in total comfort.

The Monaco is not only beauty and comfort; it is also a masterpiece of engineering. It offers several inboard engine options, and can be customized with or without a generator, depending on the owner’s needs.

With the new Luxia Monaco, Luxia Yachts offers more than just a sailing experience; it offers a journey into exclusivity, where every detail tells a story of luxury and freedom. Find out more and get ready to sail to the horizon in style and comfort by visiting our new website. Join us on this unprecedented adventure.