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In the boating world, there is a new player with inimitable style: we at Luxia Yachts. With our new brand, we promise to revolutionize the browsing experience with an approach that blends innovation, craftsmanship, and exclusive design. The launch of our new site offers an in-depth look at what we have to offer sea and luxury enthusiasts.

Our genesis is as compelling as our products: luxury yachts plying the deep blue waters, symbols of the pinnacle of sophistication and innovation. At the heart of this ambitious project is us, a diverse team that shows how diversity can be a powerful source of creativity and innovation.

For us, the concept of collaboration is essential and integral. Our vessels are not mere means of transportation but true collaborative ecosystems, where every detail is taken care of to the utmost to ensure an unparalleled experience.

The design of our yachts, defined by the“Luxia Signature” line, is distinguished by its uniqueness. We incorporate innovative materials and advanced technical solutions that fuse technology and beauty. This approach allows us to push the traditional boundaries of the marine industry, exploring new possibilities and offering a luxury experience that touches the soul of those who step aboard.

With our two models, the Luxia 375 and Luxia Monaco, we not only promise timeless elegance and exceptional performance, but also an experience that enhances the deep connection with the sea. Our yachts are not only means of navigation but symbols of a ritual of rebirth and freedom, an invitation to rediscover the sea with new eyes.

We are online with our new website: a gateway to a world where luxury and technology meet to create something never seen before. It is an invitation to all who seek a nautical experience that goes beyond the conventional, where every voyage becomes an ongoing discovery and every detail tells a story of passion and innovation.Come learn more about Luxia Yachts and immerse yourself in a new universe of nautical luxury on our new website.